Mini Workshops

These short morning or afternoon workshops cover many topics. Including foraging on the farm, recipes using native plants, infusing oils, making vinegars & ways with apples

Day Workshops

These in depth hands-on workshops cover many topics from making unique gifts, candles & lotions, to keeping sheep & regenerative farming techniques 

Throws & Scarves

Our wool products are organically dyed, spun & woven for us in the UK. Made with our soft Dorset fleeces &   the natural dark colours of our small Shetland flock

Organically tanned skins

These supersoft lambskins are perfect for chairs & beds or even the floor. They are cool in summer & warm in winter, and safe for babies too

100% Pasture fed lamb

Our lambs graze species rich herbal pastures which impart a wonderful flavour to the meat, as well as being full of vitamins, minerals & important Omega fatty acids

Soaps, candles & lotions

Our sheep' milk handmade soap & candles are delicately scented & the lotions are made using essential oils with added herbs from the garden, including lavender, sage & bergamot 


Gutchpool Farm


Dorset SP8 5QP

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